Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gets Low Score In Teardown Test

galaxy s6 edge teardown

iFixit managed to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the hottest and most desired phone Samsung has ever created. With the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge, looks like the original Galaxy S6 is in a big shadow. All the intention is going to its curved brother.

This explain the fact that on most drop tests and comparisons you are likely to see a Galaxy S6 Edge instead of the original Galaxy S6. This time around, the Galaxy S6 Edge was the device to go through the teardown process, a test done by the hardware experts over at iFixit. Every time a new flagship device gets released, they are the first one to disassemble it, and now it is time for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung devices are known for getting high repairability scores thanks to removable back covers and batteries, but this is not the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The curved flagship features a non-removable glass back. This makes everything harder for the experts to take the phone apart.

Those times when you simply had to remove the back cover and pull out the battery to replace it are long gone. A very thin guitar pick and a lot of patience is required to remove the glass cover. It is held in place with adhesive.

Then, the midframe is held in place with screws. Once the screws are gone, the midframe can be removed. But this doesn’t mean the battery can be pulled out without any problems. The 2600 mAh battery is glued to the main frame and you need to carefully remove it.

The best part of the entire tear down process is the display. Under the digitizer lies the beautiful and curved QHD display. For sure we know Samsung has worked hard to create such a masterpiece.

At the end, iFixit gave the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a repairabilityrepairailbity score of three out of ten. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S5 received a score of five and the Galaxy S4 a score of eight.


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