Download and Install Windows 11 ISO (Preview Build 22000.51)

In this article, you will find download links and how to install Windows 11 Preview (Build 22000.51) on your desktop or laptop.

Note: This is a preview build of Windows 11 (22000). As a result, this build might be filled with bugs. You might break your computer if you do not properly install the ISO. Please proceed at your own risk.

Download Windows 11 ISO (22000)

Install Windows 11 ISO (Preview Build)

There are two ways to install the Preview ISO. The first way is to directly install it over your current operating system, and the second way is to install it in a Virtual Machine. For this tutorial, we will go with the second option, which is installing Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine. Considering this is a Preview build, you can easily delete the build if anything goes wrong, without affecting your current system.

Before proceeding with the installation process, Windows 11 has the following requirements:

  • The PC must support TPM 2.0
  • The PC must support Secure Boot
  • There must be at least 4B of system memory

1. Download the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox. This is the hypervisor we are going to use to install the Windows 11 ISO. Once you have installed VM, launch the program.

2. Open VirtualBox and tap on New”. Write Windows 11 in the name field and select Microsoft Windows under Type. Then select Other Windows (64-bit) when choosing the Version.

3. On the next page, move the slider to the right until the number shown is 4096MB. This is the recommended memory size for this installation. Click on Next. Leave the hard drive settings as is and click on Create.

4. Now right-click on the newly created Windows 11 system, and go to Settings. Go down to Storage and click the small icon on the right side of Controller: IDE. A new page will open, and you need to select the downloaded ISO file. Click on Ok.

5. Now click on the Start button, and VirtualBox will initialize the Windows 11 ISO. Then simply go through the Setup process of the operating system.

That is it. You have successfully installed Windows 11 on your computer. I would not recommend using it as your primary OS at this time, considering the OS is not official just yet. However, it is a good way to test the new OS and see what has changed compared to Windows 10.


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