How To Fix Sony Xperia Z2 & Z1 Not Booting Up

In this article we are going to learn how to fix Xperia devices not booting up or stuck at the boot screen. The Xperia Z2 is Sony’s latest and greatest device. It is IP certified which means it can withstand water submersion. It has premium materials, glass on the front and back and metal on the sides.

It also has an excellent 20.7 MP camera, the biggest sensor for an Android device. Not only it has good specifications and hardware, it is also filled with software features which make it even better. But, even though it is a great device, users always find a way to break it.

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This time, a common reported problem is that different Xperia devices are not booting up and are stuck at the boot screen. This is a problem caused by users and can be fixed if the damage is not too big. This problem is often called as Soft brick or Hard brick.

xperia z2

Soft brick is a lot easier to fix than a hard brick. Most of the times, a hard bricked device cannot be fixed. Follow the solutions below to fix your Xperia device. It can be the Sony Xperia Z2, Z1, Z and even Xperia Z2 Tablet.

Most of the cases, the device can get bricked when the user tries to flash a custom ROM without unlocking the bootloader. The custom ROM kernel requires an unlocked bootloader. If the phone has a locked bootloader, the kernel will not work and the device will get stuck at the boot screen.

Also, before flashing a custom ROM, always wipe data, cache and make a factory reset so the installed applications will not corrupt on the new ROM.

If you can’t boot into Recovery, choose and download a stock FTF file for your device. Flash the stock FTF file, unlock the bootloader, install a new recovery and flash a new custom ROM.

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If you can access Recovery, simply wipe data, make a factory reset and reboot your phone. It will take a few minutes until your Xperia device boots up.


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