Download YouTube Music Vanced APK (v4.18.50)

Vanced has released the latest update for YouTube Music with version number v4.18.50. YouTube Music Vanced is a very popular app based on the stock YouTube app, but with much more features. The traditional YouTube Vanced allows you to play videos without ads, gives you swipe controls over brightness and volume, and a lot of customization options.

YouTube Music Vanced does the same things, but for YouTube music. You can listen to your favorite songs without being interrupted by ads. You can also play songs in the background, making the experience much better.

Youtube Music Vanced (v4.18.50)


  • increased base to 4.18.50
  • fixed login bug

Download Vanced Manager

Name Version Link
Vanced Manager v2.5.1 Download

How To Install YouTube Music Vanced and Vanced Manager

The installation process of both YouTube Music Vanced and Vanced Manager is straightforward.

  1. Download the latest Vanced Manager app from the download link above, and install it like any other Android app.
  2. Open the app and tap on “Let’s get started“.
  3. Select YouTube Music and tap on the arrow.
  4. If your device is rooted, grant root access. Otherwise, go ahead without root.
  5. On the main menu, tap on Install on the side of Vanced MicroG.
  6. Then tap on Install on the side of YouTube Music.
  7. Go through the installation process.

Once the app is finished, go to the app drawer and find YT Music. That is it. You have successfully installed YouTube Music Vanced on your Android phone.


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