How To Remove Bloatware on Xiaomi Poco M2 Reloaded and Improve Performance

If your Xiaomi Poco M2 Reloaded becoming slow or acting in a weird way, there are a plethora of solutions to this issue. You can factory reset the phone and bring it back to its original state, or you can do something called “debloating” which deletes a number of pre-installed applications (bloatware).

If you have bought a Poco M2 Reloaded for yourself, you might have noticed that there are a lot of pre-installed applications on the phone. Even if the phone is brand new and it’s the first time that it is being turned on, you will discover a lot of applications already on the phone. MIUI, the ROM that comes with the Poco M2 Reloaded, has a lot of applications that most consumers never use. Even though those apps are not used, they still exist in the phone’s internal storage, wasting precious megabytes.

A few megabytes here and there might not look like a lot. But once you use the phone and fill the internal storage with photos and other data, that space taken by those apps will become important. So let’s see how you can safely delete these bloatware apps from your Poco M2 Reloaded.

How To Uninstall Xiaomi Poco M2 Reloaded Bloatware

There are two ways to remove the bloatware on the Poco M2 Reloaded. The first method involves using the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools program, while the second method involves using pure ADB commands.

Big thanks to bacitoto, for providing the list of removable applications.


Enable Developer Options. To do so, go to Settings -> About Phone and quickly tap on MIUI number.

Enable USB Debugging. To do so, go to Developer Options, scroll down and tap on USB debugging to enable it.

Install Java 11 (Java SE Development Kit). Fastboot Tools won’t work on older Java versions.

Install the Android SDK on your computer. This will allow you to execute commands on your phone directly from your computer. Download the latest Android SDK Platform Tools for your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Remove bloatware from Poco M2 Reloaded using Fastboot Tool

  1. Download the latest Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools program.
  2. Double click on the downloaded jar file to open the program.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Select PTP mode when prompted.
  5. The tool will show a list of all the apps. Select the apps that you want to remove.
  6. Click on “Apply”.

This will delete all the selected apps. This method is the easiest and quickest method to delete bloatware. If for some reason this method is not working for you, then try the second method.

Remove bloatware from Poco M2 Reloaded using ADB Commands

  1. Download the Android SDK Tools from the download link above and extract the downloaded file. Enter the folder and open a command line from inside the folder.
  2. Connect your Poco M2 Reloaded to your computer using the stock USB cable. Make sure to grant your PC proper access to the phone.
  3. On the command line, enter “adb devices”. If you have successfully connected your phone to your PC, your phone should be displayed on the PC screen.
  4. A prompt should appear on your phone asking you to accept USB debugging. Tap on Allow.
  5. Now that everything is connected, you need to enter your phone’s shell. To do so, enter the following command: “adb shell”.
  6. Now your phone is set up and ready to accept the commands to remove the bloatware from your Poco M2 Reloaded. The command to delete an app is:
    pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>
  7. Replace <package name> with the name of the app that you want to remove.

Below you can a list of all tested program names that you can remove from your Poco M2 Reloaded.

Program names | Chrome Browser (you may loose webview) | Stock Clock app
Google Bloatware on Xiaomi Phones | Google Docs | Google Maps | Google Photos | Google Duo | Google One | Google Play Music | Google Play Movies & TV | Feedback app | Youtube | App Vault| Mi File Manager | POCO Launcher
com.mi.globalbrowser | Mi Browser | Mi Wallet (India) | MIUI Analytics
com.miui.backup | Backup app
com.miui.bugreport | Bug reporting app
com.miui.calculator | Mi Calculator
com.miui.cleanmaster | System Cleaner
com.miui.cloudbackup | Cloud Backup service
com.miui.cloudservice | Cloud service
com.miui.micloudsync | Cloud Sync
com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase | Cloud service
com.miui.compass | MIUI Compass | MIUI FM
com.miui.freeform | MIUI Picture in Picture service
com.miui.hybrid | Quick Apps 
com.miui.hybrid.accessory | Quick Apps 
com.miui.miservice | Services & feedback
com.miui.mishare.connectivity | Mi Share
com.miui.miwallpaper | Wallpaper app | MSA or MIUI Ad Services
com.miui.notes | Notes
com.miui.phrase | Frequent phrases
com.miui.player | Music Player | Sound Recorder
com.miui.screenrecorder | Screen Recorder
com.miui.touchassistant | Quick Ball feature
com.miui.videoplayer | MIUI Video player
com.miui.weather2 | Weather app
com.miui.yellowpage | Yellow Page app
com.xiaomi.account | Mi Account
com.xiaomi.calendar | Mi Calendar | Xiaomi System apps updater
com.xiaomi.glgm | Games
com.xiaomi.joyose | 
com.xiaomi.midrop | Mi Drop
com.xiaomi.mipicks | GetApps
com.xiaomi.mircs | MIUI to MIUI Message
com.xiaomi.mirecycle | Mi Recycle (MIUI Security)
com.xiaomi.misettings | Mi Settings
com.xiaomi.payment | Mi Pay
com.xiaomi.scanner | Scanner app
com.xiaomi.xmsf | Xiaomi Service Framework
com.xiaomi.xmsfkeeper | Xiaomi Service Framework | Netflix | Netflix
com.tencent.soter.soterserver | Chinese Payment service
com.facebook.appmanager | Facebook | Facebook
com.facebook.system | Facebook
com.facebook.katana | Facebook

Once you execute the commands, the phone will remove all the selected apps. That is all you have to do in order to remove bloatware from your Poco M2 Reloaded. This will free up precious space and might even improve system performance.