Worried About Your Privacy? Forget Fingerprint Scanners, Blackphone is For You

At least one time in your life you have been worried about your privacy of your phone. Worrying about your accounts and data getting stolen is very common. However, worrying too much is annoying and causes too much stress. Getting your data stolen is not the best feeling in the world because in that data might be stored very important and secret information.

Modern smartphones such as the Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S and HTC One Max have inbuilt fingerprint scanners which are designed to greatly enhance the security of your phone as your accounts cannot be stolen because instead of the ordinary password, they require a fingerprint. So, breaking into one account becomes a lot more difficult.


However, although the system is harder to break, without proper security software and hardware, it can be still accessible to attackers. That being said, Boeing has created a new phone which will self-destruct if someone tries to open it. Yes, one of the biggest plane manufactures has created a phone intended for those who really care about their privacy.

Boeing Blackphone has some really unheard features that only  the phone of the famous detective James Bond can have. It is completely sealed so you cannot open it and replace different parts of it. If you try do so by force, every data in the phone gets automatically deleted. It has Hardware Crypto Engine and Comprehensive Security Architecture to protect stored and transmitted data.

It is quite expandable too. You can add many accessories such as satellite transceivers, discrete radio channels, extra batteries, solar charging panel and biometric sensors. Yes, it is the ultimate phone for a secret agent or for you who have very important data,

What do you think about this phone? Do you like the concept?


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