Will Apple Ever Stop The War With Samsung and Other Tech Companies?

The battle between Samsung and Apple regarding patent infringement doesn’t look like it will ever end. After Apple won the first trial against Samsung two years ago where it received $930 million, the Cupertino based company was still not happy and claimed for more patents being infringed by Samsung.

The latest trial held on May 2 found that Apple has infringed one of two patents of Samsung whereas the Korean tech giant has infringed two out of four patents of Apple.

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The trial was mainly focused on the features that Samsung has used on its devices with Android 0S (Operating System). Both of the companies want to win and looks like none of them will ever step back until one them has fallen.


At first, Apple requested from Samsung $40 for each Galaxy device sold which in total would make for $2.19 billion. However, Samsung didn’t agree with such a high and why not, absurd request. The company told the jury that Apple shouldn’t get more than $38.4 million for any caused infringement damage.

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In these trials, Apple was able to ban from stores some of Samsung’s old smart phone models and Samsung managed to ban the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 which were later vetoed by Obama’s administration.

Apple hasn’t seen only Samsung in courts. HTC has also been battling Apple in courts because it has been accused by Apple for creating iPhone clones. Later, HTC had to agree not to make cloned versions of the iPhone.