Why Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sucks – 4 Reasons

Here are 4 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sucks. The Note 4 is the successor of the popular Galaxy Note 3. It has better specifications, better display and better body materials. But it also has a lot of things that I personally hate and don’t like about it.

Don’t take me wrong. The Galaxy Note 4 is an amazing device. In fact, here is an article for all the features that I like about the Note 4 and why you should buy it. But you know that there is no perfect smartphone. Each device has a lot of problems and things that not all users like. Here are my top 4 complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Water-resistant and dust proof capabilities

galaxy note 4 water resistant

The Galaxy S5 was the first smartphone from Samsung to have an IP certification. It is IP67 certified and it is dust proof and water-resistant. Since the S5 has an IP certification, everyone expects from the Galaxy Note 4 to have the same capabilities.

But no. Samsung decided not to make  it water-resistant. Reasons why Samsung decided to do so are unknown but looks like the S Pen port cannot be water-resistant like the headphone jack and the speaker. However, it is still sad to see this feature is not present on such a good device.

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IP certification is actually quite a big deal. Finally you don’t have to worry about your phone getting whet when going to the pool. You can even throw the Galaxy S5 inside the pool and nothing bad will happen to it. Here is a video testing Galaxy S5 water-resistant capabilities.

USB 3.0 Port

galaxy note 4 usb 3.0 port

Let me be clear. The USB 3.0 port doesn’t improve charging speed. If you charge your phone with a USB 3.0 cable, it will charge as fast as when charging it with a USB 2.0 cable. The new cable improves data transferring speed. Data transfers from your phone to your PC are a lot faster when using a USB 3.0 cable.

I have been using my Note 3 a lot for data transfers and I am sad to see this port is gone. It doesn’t matter to a lot of users but it is a downside for sure for all users who transfer a lot of files from their phones to PC.

Battery life

galaxy note 4 battery

The Galaxy Note 4 has a 3,220 mAh battery, 20 mAh bigger than the 3,200 mAh battery of the Note 3. Really? Even though it has almost 2 times more pixels, a faster processor and more software features that are CPU intensive, the battery is almost the same.

The Galaxy Note 3 had a 100 mAh bigger battery and it was considered a small difference. Samsung claims that even though the battery isn’t much bigger, the battery life is actually 7.5% better thanks to software improvements.

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While that sounds good, I would rather have a 3,500 mAh battery. Because if I install a custom AOSP ROM, all software optimizations will be lost and the battery life will be noticeably worse. You have to stick to Touchwiz firmware to always have good battery life.

Touchwiz skin

galaxy note 4 touchwiz

Touchwiz has always been criticized for making phones slow and unresponsive. On the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 the lag problem is no longer present. The only thing is that the Note 4 doesn’t really have a much more improved Touchwiz interface than the S5.

The only difference that I was able to see what the transparent weather widget and new multitasking user interface. I expected much more from the new Touchwiz. I have always been and I am a big fan of Touchwiz and all the features it have. But is just the same as on the S5 with some minor changes.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? These problems might not be deal breakers but for sure it is good to know some of the negative things when buying a new device.


  1. My Galaxy Note 4 sucks because in less than 6 days the lens protecting the beautiful 16 pixel camera has shattered. Now it’s worthless as a camera which is one of the top 3 reasons I bought this phone. $89 to fix $100 insurance copay. Why bother. Right.
    Not waterproof, no usb3 like the Galaxy S5. Shame on Samsung for going backwards in innovation.
    Another main reason I bought this phone is that I had the Galaxy S2 for 3 years without a problem until this Sept when it started having trouble with the power button. (Just worn out.),
    That’s what I expected from Samsung. Wear it out craftsmanship. But not this time.

    • 1 reason you suck, because you are an idiot who forgot to purchase a good quality casing for your device, just like all the idiots who complain about the screen cracking even though it has gorilla glass when their device fell. The phone aint idiot proof you know

  2. The Note 4 sucks in comparison to the Note 3 because 1) the charging port went backwards from the USB 3.O standard back to the USB 2.0. Who cares about Samsungs B.S. reasons it’s still a ‘backwards step like trading in your Note 3 for a Palm TX. 2) the speaker was moved from the bottom to back to this UGLY scar on the back ~ another step ‘backwards. 3) the Note 3 simply has better style and looks good unlike the Note 4 that was applified with its (better) plain looking metal chassis with the same “stylish” fruit company looks(sarcastic) 4) the Note 4 is taller and skinnier and looks more like a fisher-price toy unlike the Note 3. But Samsung keeps making the Note line taller and skinnier with every new iteration and slowly taking the iFruit look. 5) The list goes on but past the QHD and more accurate s-pen the ONLY reason I cam see the Note 4 is worth buying is it’s a new device upgrade and your first Note device or an upgrade your Note 2. But past that it sucks and is not a good purchase


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