Why Galaxy S6 Will Be The King of Android Phones

galaxy s6 king

There has been a lot of controversy regarding Samsung Galaxy devices. The Korean giant is able to sell millions of devices, as we have seen with the Galaxy S and Note line. These devices have not gone away without criticism, even though millions are sold.

Reviewers have always praised the excellent camera and gorgeous display of the Galaxy S5 and Note 4. But there are a few departments where these devices fall short. For instance, TouchWiz is still bloated with useless apps. It causes major lags even on devices with powerful processors. Another weak part is the body design.

The design language has always been criticized for having cheap materials. The Samsung Galaxy S6, the upcoming flagship Android phone will be the king of all devices for a few reasons. Everything that has stopped older devices to be excellent will be improved. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have the usual specifications including an excellent camera, great display and powerful processor. But that is not all. The Galaxy S6 will come with a debloated TouchWiz firmware.

There will no longer be pages of pre-installed apps. On the firmware, there will be only two S apps, S Voice and S Health. S Health is a must because various features need it like counting steps and measuring heart rate. The Exynos processor together with slimmed down version of Touchwiz will produce noticeably better performance.

As we have seen previously, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a brand new design, featuring glass front and back with metal sides. The Galaxy S6 will be a beastly device and fixing all problems on previous devices, there’s not much that can stop it from becoming the king of Android devices.


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