Why Galaxy S5’s Fingerprint Sensor is Safer Than iPhone 5S’ Sensor

Fingerprint scanning technology is evolving with smartphones more and more. Fingerprint sensors have started to make their way into modern smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s. They are being used for many purposes and of course, the main reason is security.

With such a scanner, a device is safer because your finger is required to do things that require a password. For example, you can simply unlock your device by simply putting your finger on the home button. The phone will recognize your finger and then it will automatically unlock


But unlocking your phone isn’t the only intention of this scanner. You can also sign in to Play & Google Store without having to type the password and can make purchases online with iTunes as well as Google Wallet. As you can see, relying your accounts and credits card on a fingerprint sensor is a good idea because it is secure.

However, how secure it really is? Today, we are going to compare Galaxy S5’s sensor to iPhone 5S’ sensor and will find out which one is more secure. First of all, lets see how these two scanners work because they differ from each other. The iPhone 5S was the first smartphone to have a sensor like that. It is positioned under the phone button and it is round-shaped. How does it work? You put your finger over the home button, wait for a second and that’s it. Your phone will unlock or you will sign in to your accounts.

The sensor on the Galaxy S5 however, is a bit different. As with the iPhone 5, the sensor is located under the home button but this time, it has a more rectangular shape. It is wider than the sensor on the iPhone 5s. That is why the recognizing mechanism is different. On the Galaxy S5, instead of just putting your finger over the button, you have to swipe down. You have to do this because the sensor is not big enough to accommodate a human finger.


So, now you might be thinking: The iPhone’s sensor is better because it is bigger. Yes, it is partly true. However, this difference makes the Galaxy S5’s sensor a lot safer. It is safer because when you simply put your finger on the home button as you normally do on the iPhone 5s, the print of the finger stays there and the mechanism registers the whole print of the finger.

However, on the Galaxy S5, because you swipe over the button, the print of your finger doesn’t stay there and phone’s mechanism doesn’t register it as a full print. Instead, it saves it in different parts making it harder for someone to steal it.

Even though this is a difference that you should know, almost every time, both sensors are safe and good to be used to unlock your device or make purchases online.


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