What’s your Flappy Bird High Score? Share It Here! Can you Beat It?

Flappy Bird is taking over the world! Everyone is playing this game everywhere. At home, at school, while traveling and even at work. You see everyone with a smartphone tapping on the screen, making the bird fly and go through the tubes without touching them to get higher scores.

Each time you go through a tube you get a point. Some people has managed to get 10 points, some have gotten 50 and some good players have even reached 100 points. However, the official Flappy Bird High Score table is not very accurate.


Many people have posted their high scores which were a few million points! Of course, no one is able to get such a high score in reality. They have used different cheats to get such scores.

This way, the Flappy Bird High Score becomes useless because on the top are faked scores and you can’t see which scores are legit.

I have been playing this game for days and the highest score I managed to get was 76. Going to 100 is almost impossible. What is your highest score on Flappy Bird? Share your points below.


    • It is not very difficult. It looks hard at the beginning but after playing for some times, it is very easy. The secret is the rhythm. I managed to get 97 and now my highest score is 130.

      • Yeah im working my way up. I’m at 33 at the moment. Hey and also I had a question, when I do quick glance(the thing where u wave your hand over while it’s off laying flat) on my note 3 it glitches and goes the the lock screen after a second of showing the screen its meant to. Do u know what’s causing it to do so? Thanks.

  1. OMG did I ever tell you how much I appreciate your work. Your the Best and keep up the amazing work. Thanks so much it works flawlessly now :). Stupid vevo app. I really appreciate it. Thanks. Love your website BTW and thanks for the help.

  2. List of my records in order(Advice: dont get frustated as you get further you’ll feel it’s easier to get mid hundred, it’s so easy for me now to get from 50-90): 6,9,12,14,18,23,28,33,36,45,59,70,92,117,143,163,167 and last but not least 223(haven’t managed to get this again


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