What Batch Is Your Xperia Z2 And Does It Have Problems? Lets Find It Out

There have been 5 batches of Sony Xperia Z2s from the original release until now. Some of these batches have different problems and issues. Follow the guide below to find out what batch your Xperia Z2 is and whether it has any problems.

To find the batch number, remove the SIM card slot. In the slot is written various information about the device like the IMEI number, serial codes and the manufacturing date. You need to see the manufacturing date. The present batches are 14w15, 14w16, 14w17, 14w18 and 14w19.


The first one, 14w15 has a small gap on the top (the part where the screen and bezels meet), dead pixel and also the camera lens is off centered.

The second one, 14w16, has a problem with the double tap to wake feature, overheating issues when using the camera, gaps on the top and off centered camera lens.

The third one, 14w17 suffers from overheating when using the camera, 1 mm gaps on the top and the bottom, off centered front facing and rear camera.

The fourth one, 14w18, has a big gap on the bottom, dust under the screen and camera lens, dead pixels, overheating issues when using applications and the charging port doesn’t close properly.

The fifth one, 14w19 is the batch with less problems. It has a tiny gap on the bottom and again, the camera is off centered.

What batch do you Xperia Z2 owners have? Do you have any other problems that haven’t been mentioned above? Let us know below.



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