Wake Up Android Devices Using Volume Buttons With Volume Unlock

Thanks to Android being an open source platform, there are plenty of devices rocking this operating system. In comparison to iOS and Apple products where all devices are the same, you can find a plethora of different Android devices. If you go to a random store, there is a high chance you will find different phones with different specifications. Some will have 4, some 5 and even 6 inch displays.

Some will have hardware buttons and some will feature a virtual navigation bar. However, the trend is leaning towards handsets with no hardware keys on the front. This is good and bad at the same time. It is good because there are no ugly clickable buttons on the front of the phone and the bad thing is that they take precious real estate from the screen. The situation becomes even worse if the power button breaks. Imagine this. If you have a phone with no hardware buttons and the power button stops working, how will you turn the screen on and off? There is not much you can do.

Fortunately, we have come with a rather simple solution for all those who are experiencing similar problems. Using a third-party app from the Play Store, you can make your phone to wake up and turn on the display by using the volume buttons. The volume buttons are your only hope if everything else does not work. There are many apps that can do this but one of the best ones that worked very well for us is “Volume Unlock”. As the name of the app says, you can easily unlock and turn the screen on of your phone by pressing the volume keys.

This feature is very useful particularly if the power button is broken and there is no other way to turn the phone on. Besides being able to wake the phone using the volume buttons, you can also turn the phone off using a “screen off” widget on the home screen or “screen off” toggle in the notification drawer.

Download “Volume Unlock” app from the Play Store.

Now that you have installed the app, activating the feature is quite simple. Open the app and enable “Volume Power” as well as “Screen off from notification.”


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