Use a MicroSD Card as Internal Memory on Galaxy S4

If you have a 16GB, 32GB or even a 64GB MicroSD Card , you can use it as a part of the internal memory on Samsung Galaxy S4. If you have many songs, videos, photos and if you play heavy games which are more than 1GB, your internal memory will be full very soon.

So you will no longer be able to download any other music files, videos and your favorite games. The bad thing is that you can’t put any game data in the memory card. So you need more storage. How about using your MicroSD Card as a built-in phone memory?


Yes, thanks to the ExtSd2InternalSd mod you can expand your phone’s internal memory up to 64GB. How does this mod work? It is simple. It manipulates your phone into thinking that the memory card is part of the built-in storage.

In this way your phone will allow you to download different games and data into the MicroSD Card. For example, if you have a 16GB Galaxy S4 and a 64GB card, your Galaxy S4 will turn into a 80GB device.

Download ExtSd2InternalSd mod here.
All instructions are in the link above.

Note: This mod works only with the GT-I9505 Snapdragon variant.


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