How To Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader Without HTCdev

Unlocking the HTC One M8 bootloader is a very easy process to do. HTC has made is very simple. You need to go to the HTCdev site and follow all the instructions provided there. But if you don’t want to unlock the bootloader of your HTC One M8 using HTCdev, you don’t have to.

You might ask why should I unlock the bootloader following the guide of this article instead of following the well known guide of HTCdev. There are a few advantages to unlock the bootloader without using the site like no hassle with htcdev, tokens, or unlock codes.

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You don’t have to submit personal info of your phone to HTC. You will also be able to go back to stock without any traces and no one will be able to tell that the bootloader was unlocked.

htc one m8 unlock bootloader htcdev

Before you start reading the guide below, we must note that you must be S-OFF. If you are S-ON, the method below will not work.

In order to correctly execute the commands, you need to install ADB drivers, If you haven’t already, follow our guide how to install ADB drivers on the HTC One M8. You also need root and superuser permissions.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to reset the “lock status flag”.
  2. To do so, you have to execute the following commands:
    • adb devices
    • adb shell
    • su
    • echo -ne ‘\x00\x00\x00\x00’ | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 bs=1 seek=33796
    • exit
    • adb reboot bootloader
  3. The bootloader is now locked.

Now you can easily unlock the bootloader. Enter the commands below:

  1. adb devices
  2. adb shell
  3. su
  4. echo -ne “HTCU” | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 bs=1 seek=33796
  5. exit
  6. adb reboot bootloader

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That’s all you have to do. The bootloader of your HTC One M8 has been unlocked with using HTCdev.


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