Turn The Screen Off Without Interrupting Videos on Android (Screen Backlight OFF)

Devices have advanced tremendously compared to just a few years ago. Back then, phones were used to send and receive messages, make phone calls and if lucky, to take pictures. Today, a smartphone is much more than a simple device to make phone calls. It is your personal assistant that helps you for everything.

Recent studies has shown that normal users spend more time watching videos and movies on their devices than watching them on the TV. This is expected. It is much easier to pull up your phone and play a video. You can stay on your bed all day watching videos without worrying about anything.

Besides those who watch movies, there are users who have official music videos on their devices. They play these videos just to listen to the music. This is a waste of battery juice because the display has to be kept on for the video to play. If you press the power button, the screen will turn off together with the video player. And this is not something that we want.

Unfortunately, you have to keep the screen on to enjoy the song. Well, this is no longer the case. Many developers for Android have worked on custom apps to prevent them from sleeping when the screen turns off. We have tested some of them and we have to agree that they work quite well. One downside is that all these apps are limited. So you have to use that app is you want to play a music video.

XDA member known as “cygery” has posted an application which solves the problem for you, Screen Backlight OFF. It is a genius idea and it is nothing like other apps. Instead of preventing a specific app from sleeping when the screen goes off, this app turns the display backlight off. Basically, the phone is still awake but the screen is off. This can be used to save battery life and also prevent video players from stopping. The best thing is that it works for all apps, be it YouTube or the stock video player.

Now that you know a basic info for the app, let’s get into the guide on how to properly use it.

Hint: It is not hard at all.

screen backlight off android app

The first thing is that you have to download the APK file from the forum or the Play Store and install it. Next up, navigate to the app drawer and launch the application. You will have to grant root access in order to access the app. The app UI is very simple and only has a few options. The first one is “Show Notification” which we recommend to leave it enabled.

The second one is activation delay. Basically, this is the time that the app has to wait to turn the screen off. You can set it at 0 seconds up to 60 seconds. There are two other options that you don’t need to change. Now, simply slide down the notification panel and tap on “Screen Backlight OFF.” This will turn the screen off. To turn it back on, tap on the screen once.

Download Screen Backlight OFF: Forum | Play Store

You can download the app from the forum for free. But you can buy it from the Play Store to support the developer for more apps like this.


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