Transparent Theme for CyanogenMod 12 (Glass Dark Theme)

If you are an avid Android user who likes to install custom ROMs and try out different things every day, then you have probably installed the CyanogenMod 12 ROM on your phone already. Whenever a user asks for the best stock Android ROM, CyanogenMod is always the first on the list. It is light, the file size is very small and it has some neat features that everyone appreciates.

Along excellent performance, non-existent lag and great battery life, CyanogenMod is known for its unique theme engine. With this engine, you can install many themes to make the user interface better. You can change the UI without having to install another ROM. We have already covered some of the best themes for CyanogenMod 12 but this theme that we are going to talk about today is so good that it had to have its own article.

This theme has been requested by many viewers here at NaldoTech, so it is a good idea to write an article about it. The theme we are speaking of is the transparent glass theme. In other words, it is officially called “Glass Dark Theme For CM12 Theme engine” by the developer. If you have tried other ROMs in the past, you have noticed that some developers highlight the fact that their ROMs feature transparent UI. What that means is that parts of the user interface are transparent. If you take your phone with stock CyanogenMod 12 theme and pull down the notification drawer, you will see that it has a blue background. You cannot see what happens behind that.

With the transparent glass theme, the notification drawer is semi transparent and you can see through it. It is just like looking through a glass bottle.

Here are some features of this theme:

  • Dark Material UI
  • Transparent System UI
  • Transparent Lockscreen Notifications
  • Dark Material UI
  • New CM 12 Boot-animation
  • Font
  • Wallpaper
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper

Download Transparent Glass CM12 Theme here.

How To Install:

  1. Download the theme and install it. It will be installed as a normal app.
  2. Then go to Settings > Theme and choose the new transparent glass theme.
  3. Reboot your phone and you are set to go.


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