Top 5 Reasons To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Why should you root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? The first thing I do when I buy an Android smartphone is to root it. Yep, I can’t live without root access as there are many important applications that I use a lot which require root access.¬†First of all, rooting a device is very easy and hassle free. Everyone can do it, even a newbie. Here are a few reasons why you should root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

#1 – Install Custom ROMs
The reason why Android is so popular is because you can completely customize it. And the best way to do so is to install a Custom ROM. Aside from customizing, you will get a better and faster performance.


#2 – Backup & Restore Applications

Every time you do a factory reset on your Galaxy Note 3, every installed app will be deleted. You’ll have to download & install them one by one again which may take a lot of time. But if you have root access you can easily backup your current apps and after your make a factory reset, you can easily restore them again.

#3 – Overclock the CPU & GPU for Better Performance
Yep, you can overclock the CPU & GPU frequency for better system performance. Be careful though, if you overclock it to much, it will overheat a lot and may damage the internals. And the battery will drain very fast.

#4 – Underclock the CPU & GPU for Battery Life
Aside from overclocking, you can also underclock the CPU & GPU for better battery life. Another benefit of underclocking is that the phone will run much cooler. It will not get hot anymore.

#5 – Remove Samsung Bloatware
Samsung is known to install many useless applications that most of you never use. You can easily freeze them through Titanium Backup if you have root access. If you disable these apps you will get more free internal memory and more free RAM.



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