Top 5 Best Tough Yet Slim Cases for Nexus 5

Nexus 5 is a sleek and beautiful phone. The back cover has a nice matte finish which really gives a premium feel to the phone. And don’t forget the ceramic volume and power buttons which blend very nicely with the design of Nexus 5. Being such a beautiful phone, you don’t want to drop it and scratch the back or crack the display, do you?

If you want to keep your phone in a pristine condition with no scratches, you need a case to protect it. Here are 5 best tough yet slim cases for Nexus 5

1. Spigen Slim Armor ($25)


Spigen is famous at making good, tough cases for mobile devices and it doesn’t disappoint this time either. The Slim Armour case is designed to protect the Nexus 5 at all angles. Its TPU material will absorb any shock coming from the bottom, sides and top. Even though it protects the phone a lot,  it is sleek and doesn’t add to much bulk to the phone.

2. Acase Slim Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection ($15)


If you want a durable polycarbonate case with smooth surfaces and vivid colors, look no further. Acase Superleggera is made out of polycarbonate cover and protective silicone skin. This case is available in many colors like Grey, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow etc.

3. Tudia Wav Hybrid Case ($10)


With a price like that, the Tudia Wav Hybrid is one if the best cases you can find. It is a mixture of two high quality layers which are enhanced with an inner TPE layer for best protection possible. It also has a nice design on the back. This will make possible to have a great grip. This way the phone won’t fall off your hands.

4. Nexus 5 Ballistic SG MAXC Series Case ($50)


Alright, Ballistic SG MAXX is not the slimmest, nor the best looking case available for the Nexus 5. However, when it comes to drop protection, it is the best one you can find. It has four layers of protection, raised lip on the front to protect the screen and integrated port covers. So, the next time you throw your phone with this case installed, don’t worry, it will be just fine.

5. Nexus 5 Spigen Ultra Hybrid ($25)


The last case is again from Spigen. This time with a slimmer and sleeker form. Ultra Hybrid Case has an interesting design. It has a crystal clear back panel and black TPU sides. It is the perfect case if you want to show off the back of your phone, especially if you have the white version.

These were the best tough yet slim cases for the Nexus 5. Do you recommend any other cases?


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