To buy or not to buy iPhone 5S

Are you going to buy the new iPhone 5S? Yes, it has many ne features and hardware improvements. You get a new faster 64-bit A7 chip. According to Apple, it is twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and almost 40 times faster than than the original iPhone.

The processor (CPU) and the graphics card (GPU) are also improved, now supporting the latest OpenGl 3.0 technology for mind blowing graphics and visuals. The camera has 5 -element lens and also dual-LED flash. And yes, it finally has the fingerprint scanner located at the home button. Besides unlocking the phone, you can also make purchases on iTunes by verifying your identity.


But in my opinion, all these improvements are called evolution and not revolution. There is nothing revolutionary about the iPhone 5S, except the fingerprint scanner.  So if  you already have an iPhone 5 and do not care about fingerprint scanning, I would recommend to wait for the next gen of iPhone because design of the phone will also be different.


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