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Developers of Titanium Backup have started seeding an update for the app, making it compatible with the latest Android M Developer Preview. Google released the latest Android M Developer Preview images a few weeks ago for developers to update their apps and Titanium Crack, the creator of the well-known backup app is on the right track.

Since of June 9 of this year, Titanium Backup is compatible with all Android devices rocking Android M Developer Preview software. If you have flashed the latest version of Android on your device, it will be a good idea to install Titanium Backup as well.

Titanium Backup is a special app capable of backing up user installed and system applications. Alongside backing up apps, Titanium Backup can freeze and uninstall not only user apps but even system apps. However, to do that, the app requires root access. That is why Titanium Backup does not work on stock unrooted Android M.

If you have installed Android M but you have no root, you can follow our guides on how to root and install SuperSU on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 with Android M Developer Preview Builds.

The Titanium Backup version that supports Android M comes with 7.2.0 version number. Developers have published version 7.2.0 on the Play Store and you can go ahead and install or update to the latest version.

If Play Store says that you already have the latest version but you don’t, you can download Titanium Backup 7.2.0 APK file and install it manually.

Download Titanium Backup 7.2.0

Titanium Backup 7.2.0: Play Store | APK

Google will start seeding the official Android M update for all supported devices in the upcoming months, followed by other manufacturers.

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