Best Kernels For Samsung Galaxy S3

Before we start, in order to install a custom kernel, you have to be rooted.Take a look at my  “How to root the Samsung Galaxy S3” guide.A custom Kernel is a must for everyone who is rooted and wants extra features, performance and a better battery life.But which kernels are the best?



Siyah Kernel is a very powerful kernel created by GokhanMoral.It is very popular as it is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S2.With this Kernel you get the best gaming performance possible because GPU is a bit overclocked at stock settings.But you can manually change the settings via ExTweaks or STweaks.
Download Siyah Kernel here

●Perseus Kernel


This is also a very popular and powerful Kernel created by AdreiLux.With this Kernel you get a very fast performance without a bad battery life, instead, it also gives you a good battery life.
Download Perseus Kernel here

● Boeffla Kernel


Boeffla is another good option for a custom Kernel. With Boeffla you get a fast performance and a good battery life because it is well balanced.
Download Boeffla Kernel here

So what do you think guys? If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section down below.


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