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Root Google Pixel and Pixel XL with Chainfire’s SuperSU (Android 7.1)

root google pixel xl supersu
It has been a difficult week, but the wait is finally over. The first root method for Google's flagship phones, Pixel and Pixel XL, is...

Install Google Pixel ROM Nougat 7.0 on Nexus 5

nexus 5 google pixel nougat rom
The Nexus 5 is one of the smartphones that helped Google make the Nexus smartphone line popular. It had a great body design, the...

Download Google Pixel APK Apps on Android (Camera, Launcher, Assistant, Wallpapers)

google pixel apps
Now that Google Pixel and Pixel XL have gone official, the interest has gone up as well. Many users have already bought the phone...

Download Google Pixel/Pixel XL Camera APK (Google Camera v4.2)

google pixel apps
Google has just started shipping the first Pixel and Pixel XL phones to users who pre-ordered the device from Google's own online store or from...

Why Google Pixel and Pixel XL suck and you shouldn’t buy...

why google pixel sucks
Google just announced their two new flagship devices for the year, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. These devices were two of the most...

Download Google Pixel Launcher APK (Wallpapers Working)

google pixel launcher apk download
We are now certain that Google will release two new Pixel handsets in the near future, replacing the iconic  Nexus line which has been...