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How To Use File Manager (Explorer) on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

file explorer marshmallow
There have been a few changes to the Android firmware on 6.0 Marshmallow. The built-in file manager or also called file explorer is hidden....

Download Official File Manager on Windows Phone 8.1 Devices

Until now, Windows Phone devices haven't had the opportunity to enjoy an official file manager. Because it is a closed source operating system, just...

Download All CyanogenMOD Applications and Launcher on Every Android Device

Every time you install CyanogenMOD custom ROM on your Android device, you will notice the same set of system applications. The music player, launcher,...

How to Manage Recently Installed and Downloaded Files for Better Productivity

Are you that type of person that installs many applications, downloads a lot of files from the internet and takes many photos everyday? If...

Next Windows Phone 8 update will come with File Manager support

One thing that Windows Phone and iOS are missing since tge begging is a built-in file manager. File managers are very popular on Android...