Switch Windows 10 Search Box Engine From Bing To Google

Microsoft is trying really hard to increase Bing’s popularity. Microsoft Edge, the new browser which replaced Internet Explorer comes with Bing as the default search engine. Users who do not like Bing can easily choose Google as the default search engine on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft didn’t end their attempt to make users user Bing here. Windows 10 features a brand new search box within the task bar, where you can search for files and applications on your computer, as well as search for websites on the internet. If you search for something using the Cortana search button, your default internet browser will launch, but the term will be used on Bing. Users have been very angry for this move of Microsoft, since many prefer Google over Bing. Unfortunately, unlike with Microsoft Edge where you can easily change the default search engine, there are no settings to replace Bing with another search engine on Windows 10 Cortana search box.

That is why developers created a new Chrome extension which replaces Bing with another search engine of your choice. Currently, you can choose between Google and DuckDuckGo. The extension doesn’t completely replace Bing. When you initially search for something using the search box, the Bing page will open first, and then the extension will redirect the page to Google or the selected search engine. Fortunately, the redirect or transition is done so quickly you don’t even realize that Bing is opened first.

Replace Windows 10 Cortana Search From Bing To Google

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download Chrometana (link). This is a Google Chrome extension. This means that this workaround only works on Google, while Mozilla is working on their own fix for Firefox
  2. Click on ‘Add To Chrome’ button.
  3. A small window will appear to confirm the new extension. Click on ‘Add’.
  4. A new Google Chrome page will automatically open where you can select your preferred search engine to be set as default for when you search something using the Cortana search box. You can choose from Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.
  5. Close the tab and you are done.

Now, every time you search for something on the internet, Google or your preferred search engine will be used.



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