How To Fix Galaxy S5 Speaker Problems (Solutions)

Different solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker problems. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a big improvement over the Galaxy S4 in almost every category. It has a bigger display which has more true to life colors, it is a lot brighter on maximum brightness and it is also very dim on the lowest brightness level.

The processor is also newer with higher frequency and better graphics card. The camera is a huge improvement as it has a 16 MP sensor which can record 4K and slow motion videos. Not to forget the battery life. Even though it has only a 200 mAh bigger battery than the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5 is the smartphone with the best battery life.

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One thing that is not very good and hasn’t really improved on the Galaxy S5 is the main speaker. The speaker is the same as on the Galaxy S4. The volume is too low and it can’t be heard very well on public places.

galaxy s5 speaker problems

Everyone was expecting dual front facing stereo speakers on the Samsung Galaxy S5 like other 2014 Android devices. The Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8, both have extremely loud front facing dual speakers. The most common problem with the Galaxy S5 speaker is that it is very low and it gets blocked when the phone is on the table. Here are a few solutions to common Galaxy S5 speaker problems.

1. Speaker gets blocked when the phone is on the table

Since the speaker is on the back of the phone, it gets easily blocked when you put the phone on the table. If you want to listen to music and want to leave the phone on the table, it is not going to work because the volume will be very low because the speaker is blocked.

galaxy s5 speaker solutions

The speaker part of the back cover is a little raised which was intended to prevent the speaker from being blocked but that doesn’t help at all. To fix this problem, you should buy a case. A case, even if it is thin, it is going to raise the phone just enough for the music to be heard correctly. Another solution if you don’t want a case is to buy a few silicon bubbles for furnitures. Stick them at the 4 corners of the phone. These bubbles will raise the phone and the music will play normally without any problems. (thread)

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2. Increase Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker volume

If you feel that the speaker volume is too low, you can increase it more than the maximum values.  The Galaxy S5 speaker can produce higher volume than the maximum set by Samsung. All you need to increase the volume is to be rooted and have a custom Recovery installed. Follow our guide here to learn how to increase Galaxy S5 speaker volume.



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