Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S4 benchmarked again in Antutu

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently available in two variants: the GT-I9500 variant with the Exynos 5 Octa chipset and the GT-I9505 variant with the Snapdragon 600 CPU. Lately Samsung has said that it will release another Galaxy S4 variant with Snapdragon 800 chipset (GT-I9506) that will be available only for Korean users.

The difference between Snapdragon 600 and 800 is that the Snapdragon 800 uses the latest Adreno 330 GPU whereas the former uses the older Adreno 320 GPU. But does a better GPU will increase the score in Antutu? Let’s find it out.


From the latest Antutu benchmark leak, the Korean version of Galaxy S4 scores 27,886 points which is more than what GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 habe scored.

In the GPU part, the Adreno 330 GPU scored almost 9000 points, again more that the GPUs found on Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets scored.

What do you think guys? If you live in Korea will you buy this device?


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