Skype App for Android gets updated, new UI and better performance

Microsoft has made a good job bringing a major update for Skype Video Chat application. Messenger has taken a completely new design and its performance it’s much more improved.

Skype comes with its update to version 4.0 and is available to download in Play Store.


It is clear that Microsoft is inspired by their Application for Windows Phone devices. This design update is just the beginning of what will come. Microsoft has promised to further improvements and aims to provide a Skype for Android that is more reliable and friendly with your smartphone.

Download Skype for Android


  1. THis skype update has made it impossible to close skype once it has been opened. So it sits there sucking resources and such and i can’t close it short of clearing all memory and closing all apps. Dumb.

  2. It’s about time this app gets a change! I used to hate the old look and I used to not be able to make video calls and Skype was so slow and buggy but it looks like they finally fixed it!


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