Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) Survives Extreme Drop Test (Durability)

TechnoBuffalo / YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a substantial change in comparison to the old Samsung Galaxy S5. Alongside better specifications, higher-resolution Super AMOLED display and Android 5.0 Lollipop out-of-the-box, the Galaxy S6 comes with a completely different body design.

In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that has a full plastic body with fake aluminum bezels, the Galaxy S6 comes with high-quality materials. It has glass on the front and the back and aluminum on the sides. While having high-quality material opts for a better feel on the hand, how does it fare to a drop test?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might get bashed for having low-quality materials but it fares better than most of other Android devices when it comes to drop and durability tests. The phone would simply get a few scratches whereas its competitors would get completely shattered and beaten up.

Does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is also weaker than its predecessor? A video published on YouTube says the opposite. Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6, or in the case of the video, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is much more durable and can stand a few drops.

In the video, you can see a girl throwing and slamming her Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into the floor. Most of the times the screen hits the floor. Even after a couple of painful tests, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge manages to survive without a single scratch.

Even though the screen was the one that made contact with the floor, it didn’t shatter or crack at any moment. If the video above is actually real, this is a good news for Samsung, because if the Galaxy S6 Edge, where the screen doesn’t have any protection on the sides manages to survive, the original Galaxy S6 is going to be indestructible.


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