Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with Ultra HD 4K Display

Samsung has announced that it will be launching 4K displays for smartphones very soon. This indicates that the upcoming Galaxy S5 might have a hoping Ultra HD Super AMOLED display. Imagine that only 2 years ago we were hoping to see HD displays on high-end smartphones whereas now HD is a term for mid-end devices.

Last year we saw FullHD devices such as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One and they were a big hit. Now, the upcoming Samsung’s flagship is going to have an amazing Ultra HD display with a resolution of 2160×3480 pixels.

Such a huge resolution means that the PPI will over 860 pixels which simply is unbelievable.


The display is not SAMOLED Plus. So it doesn’t have a RGB pixel arrangement but a Diamond one instead and pixels have the shape of a diamond. However, no one is going to notice any pixels at such a high PPI rate.

Actually, no one was able to distinguish individual pixels even on the Galaxy S4 with 441 pixels per inch.

Even though a Ultra HD 4K display on a smartphone sounds nice, is it really necessary? Even FullHD displays are more than enough. What is your opinion?