Samsung has announced that it will be launching 4K displays for smartphones very soon. This indicates that the upcoming Galaxy S5 might have a hoping Ultra HD Super AMOLED display. Imagine that only 2 years ago we were hoping to see HD displays on high-end smartphones whereas now HD is a term for mid-end devices.

Last year we saw FullHD devices such as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One and they were a big hit. Now, the upcoming Samsung’s flagship is going to have an amazing Ultra HD display with a resolution of 2160×3480 pixels.

Such a huge resolution means that the PPI will over 860 pixels which simply is unbelievable.


The display is not SAMOLED Plus. So it doesn’t have a RGB pixel arrangement but a Diamond one instead and pixels have the shape of a diamond. However, no one is going to notice any pixels at such a high PPI rate.

Actually, no one was able to distinguish individual pixels even on the Galaxy S4 with 441 pixels per inch.

Even though a Ultra HD 4K display on a smartphone sounds nice, is it really necessary? Even FullHD displays are more than enough. What is your opinion?

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