Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Drop Test vs. Concrete & Tile

What happens if you drop test the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 into concrete or a big tile? Will it crack, completely die or it will survive without any major or visible damage? Well, looks like the old days where Galaxy phones were immune to drop tests are over.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, like the Galaxy S6, is made out of glass and aluminum. The back of the phone is curved which increases chances of it cracking during a drop test. The front is flat so it should be harder to crack.

Drop tests have become a standard nowadays for the sake of showing how durable a phone is compared to another device. Companies have started to create special machines to give users the most accurate drop test results.

How does the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 fare in this test? Not good. Starting with a 1 meter drop test on the back into tile, the curved glass completely shatters doing worse than the Galaxy S6. The phone did much better on the side drop test where the aluminum frame received minimal damage. The front drop test caused the screen of the Note 5 to shatter, while still responding to the touch.

Switching from tile to concrete, the results are similar. The glass back cover cracks even more, the aluminum frame receives minor damage and the display gets completely shattered. This time, there is a white lines across the screen which doesn’t respond to the touch.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 5 did better than the Galaxy S6 but worse than the iPhone 6, all this because of the new back made of glass. However, looks like the aluminum frame has been reinforced since the Galaxy S6.


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