Samsung replaced the Menu button with Recent Apps on the Galaxy S5 and now, a long press of the home button will open Google Now. This is the first thing Samsung does this because all previous flagship devices, the Galaxy S, S2, S3 and S4, all have had the same button layout: Back button on the right, Home button on the middle which a long press would open the Recent Apps menu and on the left was the Menu key.

But on the Galaxy S5 now they are different. For a long time Samsung user this might be quite annoying and confusing because they keep long pressing the home button expecting Recents Apps menu to show up but instead, Google Now will do so.


If you are one of those who can’t get used to the new button layout of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can revert and make them like on previous Samsung flagship devices.

The mod works on all Samsung Galaxy S5 variants including the Snapdragon 801 variant as well the Exynos Octa-Core variant. You can edit the system files yourself or you can flash a zip file on Recovery Mode. Download the mod to revert the button layout on the Galaxy S5 here.

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