Remove Generic Contact Icons With Random Beautiful Ones

On your smartphone, you have the ability to change icons of your contacts. You put a photo of the person or whatever you want. Most of the people use social medias to automatically link their contacts with their profile pictures. While this is a good idea, some people don’t want to have the profile pictures of their friends in contacts.

But they also don’t want that generic icon which is for all contacts without a custom photo. This generic icon is very boring as it has the famous “unknown person” logo. Fortunately, there has  been launched an app called “Identiconizer”. Basically, what this does is that it replaces generic icons with random awesome ones.


You can choose from four different icon styles: Retro, Dot Matrix, Spirograph and Contemporary. You can select the contacts you want to have a new icon and you can also remove the selected ones if you don’t like the current icon. Every contact has a different icon so you will be able to recognize someone by just looking at its profile picture.

It works with every Android smart phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and higher. If you have Xposed  Framework installed, you can enable the app as a module instead installing it as an app.

Download Identiconizer here and change all the boring contact icons with random beautiful ones.