Probably Official Red Nexus 5 Gets Leaked

A few days, someone leaked that LG will be launching 6 new colors for the Nexus 5: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Orange. A few photos appeared with the new colors. Then, they found out these photos were fake and new colors of Nexus 5 weren’t going to release.

However, Evleaks has tweeted a picture of a Nexus 5 in red color which appears to be legit and not fake like the last time. Evleaks is known to tease photos and videos of “new devices” which haven’t been launched officially from the manufacturer and most of them have been real.


This makes us believe that soon, LG is going to really launch a red Nexus 5. If it really launches, it is going to have all the characteristics of the white version.

A red back cover, black front glass and a red earpiece. Also it might have the glossy sides that the white has but there’s also a chance to have the black matte sides of the black version.

Here is the tweet from Evleaks.


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