Download and Install Pixel Experience Android 11 ROM on OnePlus 7T/7T Pro

Learn how to download and install Pixel Experience ROM on the OnePlus 7T/7T Pro (hotdogb/hotdog). Pixel Experience is a custom ROM that offers a unique stock Pixel experience with improved performance and enhanced user experience. The ROM is maintained by chandra1.jd and is available on a number of Android phones. Now, the ROM is also available on the OnePlus 7T/7T Pro.

Pixel Experience aims to offer offers a pure Pixel OS experience. It is based on the latest Android 11 update and has all the new features such as Bubbles, screen recording, smart replies, device controls, media controls, and more. It comes with the most important Google Apps (GApps) pre-installed. Additionally, the ROM comes with the stock Pixel launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation, and more.

If you want to have the closest experience to a stock Pixel device, Pixel Experience is the best custom ROM to do so. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to do so. We have provided all the required files that you need to download.

How To Install Pixel Experience Android 11 ROM on OnePlus 7T/7T Pro


You are about to install a custom ROM on your OnePlus 7T/7T Pro. If you properly follow the tutorial below, you will be running the latest ROM in no time. However, please note that there might be issues along the way. We shall not be held responsible if you damage or brick your phone. Please proceed at your own risk.


In order to flash Pixel Experience on your OnePlus 7T/7T Pro, you need to have an unlocked bootloader. You cannot do this if you have a locked bootloader. Furthermore, you need a custom recovery to flash the flashable ZIP file. For this, you need a custom recovery. We recommend you to use TWRP.
  • Backup everything on your phone before you do anything. A factory reset is always recommended when installing a new ROM, especially if the old ROM is not the same as the old one.
  • Charge your phone to at least 60%. In case something goes wrong and the phone gets stuck, it will not turn off due to a low battery.

Download Center

Steps to install Android 11 ROM (Pixel Experience) on OnePlus 7T/7T Pro

For the best and the most up-to-date installation tutorial, please check the source link.

Due to the nature of the installation process for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro, we recommend following the tutorial from the source link, since it is the latest and the best to follow.


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