Optimize Galaxy Note 4 RAM Leak Usage Using S6 Build.prop Modification

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are not the only Samsung devices to suffer from RAM issues. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has joined the boat after hundreds of users have been complaining for poor RAM management on their devices. The fact that both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 have 3 Gb of RAM is not enough, as Samsung’s skin TouchWiz is so heavy and bloated that even high-end devices suffer from RAM leak issues.

A few weeks ago, Galaxy S6 users found a solution to the annoying high RAM usage. Lollipop doesn’t need more than 3 GB of RAM to run smoothly, but Samsung hasn’t optimized the Galaxy Note 4 software properly, so you need to manually optimize it yourself.

A few Galaxy Note 4 owners discovered that the old fix for the Samsung Galaxy S6 has turned out to work perfectly well on their devices as well. The fix has to do with the modification of the build.prop file by changing some RAM values, which allow for better RAM management. The fix works on both, the Snapdragon and Exynos variants of the Note 4.

If you too have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and want to fix the high RAM usage and have a smoother device which does not lag, follow the guide below.

Fix High RAM Issue on Galaxy Note 4

If you have done something similar with the Galaxy S6, you will be familiar with the process. You need root access and a file manager with root permissions. First of all, lets leave a few links that you can check out, one is how to root your Galaxy Note 4 and another one is the process done on the Galaxy S6. You can decide to read the article or watch their perspective videos.


File Manager: Root Explorer or ES File Explorer

  1. Open your root file manager and go to the root of your phone’s Android system.
  2. Among all folders, go to ‘System’.
  3. There is a file named build.prop. Long press on the file to open a small window.
  4. Choose ‘Open via Text Editor’.
  5. Scroll down until you find #DHA Properties and change the value to:
  6. Now add the following lines below:
  7. Press the back button and click on ‘Save’.
  8. Alternatively, a member has created a flashable zip file which you can flash using a custom recovery (link)

You will see a new file called build.prop.bak. This is the backup file that the phone creates automatically in case something happens to the edited build.prop file. Reboot your phone. By using this method you will fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 RAM leak problem and slow recent apps menu. RAM usage will be lower and applications will not close in the background.


  1. Yes super for ROOTED phones DOOH.. Another problem I love the information differently super nice but this is for Super Advanced user is important to make that clear.. I see many sorry the work nobs here which shouldn’t attempt this, as if any mistakes messing with the system files with File Explore will stop the phone work properly.. JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW


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