OnePlus One: Is The Flagship Killer Waterproof or Not

Is the OnePlus One indeed waterproof or not? A video was posted a few days ago which showed the OnePlus One taking a bath with street water and then, even getting submerged in a big puddle of water for a few minutes. After all that water torture everyone was expecting the phone to die, but surprisingly, the phone was working perfectly fine.

The video got viral and many OnePlus One owners believed the video which said the phone was indeed water-resistant and could handle a water shower. However, the company which produced the phone, OnePlus said that the phone isn’t water-resistant and every damage caused by water won’t be covered by the warranty.


So, for all OnePlus One owners out there, don’t try the same thing the guy in the video did because you might destroy your phone. Of course, every modern smart phone, even if it isn’t considered as waterproof or water-resistant, can handle small amounts of water such as light rain but never a shower.

Has anyone from you guys with a OnePlus One dropped the phone in the water? If yes, did it survive like the phone in the video or it stopped working for good?


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