Official HTC One M9 Video Review – Design & Comparison

htc one m9

Today is 1 March which means it is time for two of the most popular OEMs to release their flagship devices for 2015. We have the HTC camp in one side, and on the other side we have the Samsung camp. Samsung will release its Samsung Galaxy S6 later this day but at the moment, we are focused on the HTC One M9.

If you thought that the Galaxy S6 got discovered because of the endless leaks that we have seen this week, you haven’t seen enough. A video has been published on YouTube showcasing the HTC One M9. And it is not a fake or testing unit.

It is an original device, the one that will be announced today by HTC. The video compares the three HTC flagship devices, the One M7, One M8 and One M9. The first thing that we notice is that the design hasn’t changed that much.

All of the three devices are made of metal and the overall design is the same. Taking a closer look, there are a few differences. The first one is the camera. There is one UltraPixel camera sensor on the HTC One M7 and dual UltraPixel sensors on the HTC One M8. HTC decided to drop the UltraPixel campaign on the HTC One M9, equipping it with a 20 MP camera which is a huge improvement over the old 4 MP camera.

Taking a look at the sides of the phone, there is a gold trim with gold buttons, including power and volume keys. The back is silver however. The front hasn’t changed that much. You can hardly difference them. You have the dual front facing BoomSound stereo speakers.

Other specifications include a 5.0 inch Full HD or QHD Super LCD3 display, Gorilla Glass 4, Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 7.0 UI, 3 GB RAM, 4 MP front facing camera, Snapdragon 810 processor and 2840 mAh battery.

All leaks will end today when HTC officially announces the phone. Are you excited for the HTC One M9 more than for the Galaxy S6?


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