How To Make Everything On Your Android I AM GROOT

How to make everything on your Android phone I AM GROOT! Groot is the cute humanoid character from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It is voiced by the famous actor Vin Diesel and looks like the humanoid tree has become famous.

You can see the sentence “I am Groot” everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on the system of your Android phone. Android developers have liked the sentence so much that they have created an Xposed module which turns everything into “I am Groot”.

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When I say everything, I do mean everything. App names, Settings menu, Google Now, notification drawer, messaging app, dialer, contact names, all will be named “I am Groot”. Basically, everything that has a few words in it, it will change to the famous sentence that a lot of people are loving lately.

i am groot xposed module

This module is not useful at all. It doesn’t add any extra cool functionalities to the phone. It simply changes everything to “I am Groot”. This is a great module if you want to have a laugh and show it to your friends who love Guardians of the Galaxy.

One thing to note before installing the module is that you should remember where the Xposed Settings app is and the module because once it is activated it is very difficult to know which is which. To enable this little funny feature, download the module, install it and then activate it from Xposed Settings.

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Reboot your phone and everything will be turned into the famous Guardians of the Galaxy sentence. To disable the module, go to Xposed Settings, click Disable and reboot your phone again. Download I AM GROOT module.


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