LineageOS 18: Download Links, Supported Devices and Features

Google has finally released the official Android 11 build to its Pixel devices. They have also updated the AOSP source code and the official Android 11 GSI images can be found on their official page. Everyone can download the GSI image and flash it on all Treble compatible devices. Developers have already started compiling the first custom ROMs based on the Android 11 source code.

If you are interested, you can search all Android 11 ROMs by clicking the link.

In this article, we will go over LineageOS 18, what it is and what are the new features. Additionally, you will find download links for all supported phones.

What is LineageOS 18

lineageos 18 phone

LineageOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android devices. It supports hundreds of phones and millions of ROM builds are downloaded every year. It offers the same speed as stock Android but with more features and customization options.

The latest iteration, LineageOS 18, is based on Android 11. This is the latest version in which developers are working hard to create stable builds for many devices.

LineageOS 18 Features 

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All LineageOS builds are compiled based on the AOSP source code. AOSP, which stands for Android Open Source Project, is Google’s open-source initiative to bring Android to every device possible. As a result, LineageOS 18 will have most, if not all, the new features introduced on Android 11.

Some of the highlights of Android 11 are:

  • All messages in one place
  • Bubbles
  • Screen recording
  • Select and share
  • Smart replies
  • Voice Access
  • Device Controls
  • Media Controls
  • Security updates

Android 11 is an exciting update, and it is even more exciting to see LineageOS 18 nightly builds running on Android phones.

LineageOS 18 Download List

Below you can find a list of all Android phones that have received a LineageOS 18 build. Each device has its own download links and installation tutorial.

LineageOS 18 on Google Phones

Devices Download Link
Google Pixel Download
Google Pixel XL Download

LineageOS 18 on Samsung Phones

Devices Download Link
Samsung Galaxy S10e Download
Samsung Galaxy S10 Download
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Download
Samsung Galaxy S7 Download
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Download
Samsung Galaxy S5 Download
Samsung Galaxy S3 Download


LineageOS 18 on Xiaomi Phones

Devices Download Link
Xiaomi Mi Max Download
Xiaomi Mi Max Prime Download
Xiaomi Mi 6 Download
Xiaomi Mi 5s Download
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Download
Xiaomi Mi 5 Download
Redmi Note 7 Download
Redmi Note 5 Download
Redmi K20 Pro Download
Redmi Mi 9T Pro Download

LineageOS 18 on OnePlus Phones

Devices Download Link
OnePlus 7 Pro Download
OnePlus 6T Download
OnePlus 6 Download
OnePlus 5 Download
OnePlus 2 Download

LineageOS 18 on Motorola Phones

Devices Download Link
Moto G5S Download

LineageOS 18 on Realme Phones

Devices Download Link
Realme 3 Pro Download

LineageOS 18 on LG Phones

Devices Download Link
LG V40 Download

At the moment, these are the phones that have a working LineageOS 18 build. However, more phones will be added soon. As a rule of thumb, most of the devices that have a working LineageOS 17.1 build, will most probably receive LineageOS 18.

We will update the page with new download links every time a new device gets added. We recommend you to bookmark this page and check it over time for new download links.