LG G3 Build Quality Problems

The LG G3 has been praised for its good build quality even though it isn’t metallic like other high-end smartphones which have aluminum bodies. The  LG G3 has plastic body which looks and even feels like metal unlike Samsung devices which have a soft dotted back which feels like leather and plastic bezels.

Even though the LG G3 might have good build quality, it is certainly not perfect and it has its build quality problems. Here are the most common and reported build quality problems for the QHD beast.

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Back Cover

The back cover looks like it isn’t very high quality like everyone is saying. Even though it looks like metal, it has all the bad characteristics of plastic. The back cover feels very low quality and it creaks when you put normal pressure on the phone, especially near the infrared port and around the volume down button.



No matter how much you care for your phone, it will get scratches, especially on the back cover. And the bad thing is that is very noticeable even if it is the smallest scratch ever. Looks like LG hasn’t done the same thing on the LG G3 like it did with the self-healing back cover of the LG G Flex.

Dust inside the bezels

Dust can easily get into the bezels. Dust is known to get into the bezels but not so easily like on the LG G3. The dust is easily noticeable and cannot be removed unless you use a sharp object like a sewing needle.

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The digitizer is the part of the phone which senses all your touches on the screen. Usually, the digitizer is above the LCD and normally it shouldn’t be noticeable. On the LG  G3, if you carefully look at the display you will notice black lines or squares. These lines are part of the digitizer.

There are a few build quality problems of the LG G3 reported by different users. Do you have another problem? Let us know below.


  1. I realize this article is a bit old, but just thought I’d let everyone know that it’s October 24th and I just got my G3 last night. I am on AT&T. My phone does indeed have these digitizer lines, only visible if the screen is off and the phone is in direct sunlight or bright indoor light. Two coworkers also have the G3 but on Verizon and their phones are not showing the digitizer.


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