KitKat Coming to LG G2 after the Galaxy S4 & Note 3

Looks like January is the month of KitKat. Many devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 has already received Android 4.2.2 and now it’s time for the LG G2 to get the goodness of the latest version of Android. LG’s official twitter account from Saudi Arabia announced that LG G2 is going to get KitKat this month. To be specific, at the end of January.

The update is going to gradually be available for all handsets and you will be able to update to your phone over the air. Here’s the announcement from LG’s twitter account (Good luck reading that, or read the translated version below).


As usually, the new firmware will bring white status bar icons and a few user interface improvements. At least that’s what Samsung did with its flagship devices. LG might even include more improvements and enhancements which will be greatly welcomed.

So LG G2 users, you might want to check your Update button often during this month as the update will be available at any moment.


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