Is Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating? Here’s How To Fix

Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge suffering from overheating problems and extremely high temperatures? If yes, this article will show you a few possible solutions to fix the issue. Samsung decided to equip all its flagship devices with its own home-made Exynos chipset this year, specifically for the main reason that Snapdragon didn’t handle intense tasks very well, overheating the device and making it unusable for a few minutes.

A faulty chipset is not the only reason for a smartphone to suffer from high temperatures though. There are many other reasons which can cause temperature increases, especially a non-optimized software. The Exynos processor on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge might be a true powerhouse, but it is not perfect. There have been many reports of devices suffering from high temperatures. If your device is affected as well, here are a few possible solutions which have worked for other users.

Solutions To Galaxy S6 Overheating Issues

Usage while charging

If you are using your Galaxy S6 while charging it, stop. It is never a good idea to do so. The phone struggles to keep up with the work because it has to receive energy from the charger and also spend it to keep the processor running. You can use it for simple and light tasks, but not for intensive tasks such as playing high-resolution games.

Unnecessary applications running in the background

Coming with 3 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S6 is capable of keeping applications running on the background for a long time. One or two applications will not make a huge difference. But if there are more than five applications running at the same time, they start building up, stressing the processor causing it to work hard and heat up, leading to increasing temperatures.

Factory Reset

The ultimate solution of fixing every issue on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge is to make a factory reset. The firmware of the phone might be corrupted, causing issues. There is no simple method of detecting the issue, so a factory reset is the only solution. Turn the phone off, boot into recovery and select wipe data and factory reset.

If you have had any experiences with an overheating Samsung Galaxy S6 and if you have found any solutions, let us know below.