Install Viper4Android Audio Mod on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Developers have always searched for different methods to improve and enhance specifications of a device. The top-of-the-line smartphones come with excellent specifications featuring high-resolution displays, super fast processors, 3 GB or more RAM memory and even DSLR like camera sensors that are able of recording 4K UHD videos without stuttering.

However, there are two departments where manufacturers are struggling to improve. The first and the most debated one is battery life and the second one is audio quality. Since scientists haven’t made any important discoveries when it comes to usable smartphone battery technologies, there’s not much that OEMs can do. Smartphones are becoming thinner. This leads to smaller and short-living batteries.

Another department that is lacking improvement is audio. Most of modern smartphones have generic speakers. These type of speakers are low and do not provide a good listening experience. There are a few exceptions like the HTC One M9 and other devices with front-facing speakers. Unfortunately, both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge do not make it into the list of devices with good speakers.

The new flagships have a relocated speaker from the back on the Galaxy S5 to the bottom. While it is a major improvement over previous devices, it cannot be compared with front-facing speakers. Since there is nothing that can be done hardware-wise, developers have searched for methods to improve audio quality on the Samsung Galaxy S6 by optimizing the software.

Probably the most popular audio mod for Android devices, Viper4Android has made its way into the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Viper4Android is a mod which enhances the listening experience by improving the phone’s speaker, headphones and the overall audio quality. And now you can finally enjoy Viper4Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its brother.

Senior member “nappent” has found a way to make Viper4Android mod to work on the Galaxy S6. For the app to work on your phone, you will only need root access and a file explorer.

How To Install Viper4Android Audio Mod on Galaxy S6 & S6 edge

  1. If you have a stock unrooted Galaxy S6 device, follow this guide to root it.
  2. Then, you have to install BusyBox which can be grabbed easily from the Play Store.
  3. Download the latest APK version of Viper4Android: (source).
  4. Launch the file explorer and head over to /system/etc and find a file called audio_effect.conf. Move the file to a safe place.
  5. Download the modified version: and move it to /system/etc.
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. Once the phone is up and running, launch Viper4Android and install all the required drivers.
  8. Using Titanium Backup, freeze the following applications: Adapt Sound 4.0 and SoundAlive 3.0.
  9. Reboot your phone and launch the app again.

Now you will be able to use the Viper4Android audio mod on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to improve the audio quality.