Install TWRP With Thermal Control & F2FS on LG G2

Download and install latest TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) with added features like F2FS and thermal control on the LG G2. The LG G2 has had a lot of support when it comes to software development.

Even though the LG G3 is now out with better build quality, better screen and faster processor, many developers have stayed with the LG G2. A lot of ROMs, mods and recoveries are available for the phone. We have seen some very good ROMs like the LG G3 ROM ported to the LG G2.

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But in order to install a good ROM, kernels and themes, you need a good custom Recovery. There are many options for the LG G2 but one of the best one is TWRP. LG G2 users are very lucky because they get to enjoy not only TWRP, but an enhanced version of it.

twrp recovery lg g2

TWRP for the LG G2 started as a simple project to add F2FS to the phone but eventually, it became one of the biggest projects.

This TWRP supports all variants of the LG G2:

  • D800
  • D801
  • D802
  • D803
  • D804
  • D805
  • LS980
  • VS980
  • F320

Along stock features that TWRP brings, this version adds more features like F2FS, thermal project, proper support for f320 External SD Card, tap to wake, ability to backup modems and use of BUMP.

Installing TWRP on the LG G2

  1. Download the recovery here.
  2. It is a flashable zip file so move it to your phone.
  3. Turn your phone off.
  4. Go to Recovery and flash the file.
  5. Reboot your phone.

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You have successfully installed TWRP with F2FS and thermal control on your LG G2. You can now boot again to recovery and you will find the new version. You don’t have to do anything else.