Install Samsung Galaxy S6 Dialer Theme App (Download APK)

Alongside many improvements that the Samsung Galaxy S6 brings like better and faster octa-core Exynos processor, QHD Super AMOLED display, 3 GB RAM, 16 MP Sony camera, improved fingerprint scanner and fast charging technology, one thing that has been welcomed is the redesigned TouchWiz user interface.

The new TouchWiz UI on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 is cleaner, simpler and the user can easily find what he wants. The settings menu has been cleaned from all the useless options, sorting them into different categories. The new TouchWiz skin is faster and lag has been reduced.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are getting a lot of attention from users, developers have already ported some of their features to other devices. Applications like the settings menu, launcher, weather widget and even wallpapers are available for other devices.

This time, XDA member known as “pecco” has come with a theme for the ExDialer application, which turns it into a Samsung Galaxy S6 dialer with all the UI characteristics including the green color. The app and the theme can be installed on all Android devices. There are no requirements besides having an Android phone running Android 4.0+.

How To Install Galaxy S6 Dialer Theme App

  1. In order to use the theme, you need to install ExDialer. ExDialer is a third-party phone calling app with extra features and low battery usage. Download the app here.
  2. Now download Samsung Galaxy S6 dialer theme app APK here.
  3. Download the APK file. Navigate to the folder where the downloaded file is located and install it.
  4. Open ExDialer, tap the three little dots at the bottom right and click on Preferences.
  5. Go to Theme and select the Galaxy S6 theme.

Now the dialer will look the same as the one found on the Samsung Galaxy S6.