Install And Run Android N (7.0) Emulator on Windows PC

Android N, which will probably come out as Android version 7.0, already has its first Developer Preview images released for select Nexus phones. These images are aimed towards developers and people who want to experience the highly buggy Android N version, not for regular users, even though you can sign up for the OTA update.

Android N is available for a few Nexus phones only, so if you have another Android smartphone you are out of luck. You won’t be able to flash Android N on your phone just yet. But if you really want to try the new Android N version and you have a Windows computer, then you can install it in your PC.

You can download Android SDK, then Android N firmware image and use it on your Windows computer using Android Emulator (AVD) Android Virtual Device. It works exactly as on a phone so it is the best option if you want to test the latest Android version by Google.

How To Install Android N Emulator on Windows PC

Download Android SDK Manager on Windows
Download | installer_r24.4.1-windows.exe

  1. Download Android SDK Manager from the link above. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it to install the program. Once the program is installed, launch it. Android N SDK
  2. Once Android SDK Manager appears, search under Tools for Android N (API 23, N Preview), double-click on it and select the third box. Click on “Install Packages”. Android N SDK Manager
  3. A set-up screen will appear and you will have to manually agree to packages’ licenses. Then click “Install”. install android n image

Now go back to the folder where you installed Android SDK Manager and double-click on “ADV Manager.exe”.

How To Start Android N Emulator

  1. There is a “Create” button on the right side. Click it.
  2. Create a new Android Virtual Device. You can select the device model, the amount of storage, RAM and more. Then click on OK.
  3. Now you will see the newly created Android Virtual Device. Select it and click on “Start”. Android N easter egg

And a black screen will show up with Android N booting up. Depending on your computer specifications, the first boot might take a while. Then you will be able to use Android N on your Windows computer using an emulator.



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