Install QuickBoot Mode on CyanogenMod 12 & 12.1 ROM

quickboot cyanogenmod 12

QuickBoot is a neat feature that allows your phone to boot noticeably faster compared to when it is disabled. Basically, QuickBoot is a software feature which turns the phone off and when it turns on again, the phone boots up within seconds. This is nothing more than a trick. Instead of completely turning the phone off, QuickBoot puts the device into a hibernate mode, activating Airplane mode and blocking all background processes. When the user turns the phone on, all services are allowed to work again.

Even though it is a useful feature, QuickBoot is available only on a few devices, one of them being the OnePlus One. Until now, there was no way of obtaining QuickBoot on other devices. Fortunately, one of the developers has made our dream come true.

Recognized developer “arter97” has created a fully working port of QuickBoot for all CyanogenMod 12 and CyanogenMod 12.1 devices. This version of QuickBoot has been taken directly from the latest CyanogenMod 12S (Cyanogen OS 12) ROM with all the necessary fixes (NullPointerExceptions).

This version is working without problems and the battery drain is the same as on the OnePlus One. If you have an Android phone running on CyanogenMod 12 or CyanogenMod 12.1, you can give QuickBoot a shot.

How To Install QuickBoot on CyanogenMod 12 & 12.1

To install the mod, you will need a phone running on the latest version of CyanogenMod 12 or CyanogenMod 12.1. You will need a custom recovery such as PhilZ or TWRP. Use a recovery of your choice.

  1. Download QuickBoot for CyanogenMod 12 & 12.1:
  2. Move the file to the root of your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Turn your device off and boot into recovery mode.
  4. Wipe cache and flash the mod.

To enable QuickBoot, go to Developer Options and tick “Enable QuickMode mode”. Hold the power button and select Power off.


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