Install Lollipop OTA Firmware Update on Verizon LG G3 (VS98523A)

The Verizon variant of the LG G3 with VS985 model number can now be updated to official Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware. The OTA file comes with VS98523A version and the phone needs to be on 12B firmware. If you are on older versions like 10B or 11C, you have to install the 12B firmware and then proceed with the installation of the OTA file.

The original LG G3, international variant and not locked to any carrier has been enjoying official Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware for a few weeks now. Everything is stable and smooth. On top of that, the firmware introduces new features and the brand new Material Design.

Verizon, one of the most popular US carriers decided to release the official OTA file for the LG G3 this week. It is the same update as we have seen on the international variant with new features, enhanced battery life and new user interface. If you have a Verizon LG G3, you can already update by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates.

If haven’t received the OTA notification update, there is another way of installing the official Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware on LG G3 Verizon VS985. A user has managed to download the official OTA file from Verizon servers and has made it available for all users to install it.

The OTA package is not modified because it is signed from Verizon. So there are no security risks by installing this package. To install it on your LG G3, you must have root access and the package itself.

How To Install OTA Lollipop Firmware Update on Verizon LG G3 VS985


Flashing the OTA update firmware

Root access is required because you have to activate a process called VerizonHiddenMenu. This is hidden and needs root.

  1. Copy the file and move it to your phone.
  2. The directory needs to be /storage/sdcard0/SoftwareUpdate/.
  3. Make sure that the file is in the right folder and execute this command:
    adb shell su -c "am start -n com.lge.VerizonHiddenMenu/.fota.DmcTestFotaMenu"
  4. The phone will scan for the FOTA menu and Verizon Hidden Menu.
  5. Click on “Select Package” and select the OTA package, in this case 23A.up.

The OTA Lollipop package will be installed. Once it is done, reboot your phone and enjoy.