Install HTC M8 Sense 6 ROM on HTC One M7

After the release of HTC M8 firmware, KitKat ROM with latest Sense 6.0 is being ported to many other HTC devices. The sixth-gen HTC user interface has been improved and it is better than ever before. It has new widgets, more functionalities, simpler design and a much more improved Blinkfeed.

After the Evo 4G LTE HTC M8 ROM port, now it is time for the good old HTC One M7 device to enjoy the latest and greatest Sense. The ROM which has the ported firmware is called InstertCoin and unlike the EVO 4G LTE port which has a lot of bugs and problems, the M7 one is far better and more stable. It has only a few bugs that doesn’t stop it from being used as a daily driver.


InsertCoin ROM has plenty of extra features making Sense 6.0 even better. The performance is very good and smooth thanks to ramdisk and memory improvements as well as trimmed partitions. You have the option to have 5×6 grid icons in Sense App Drawer. There are also a few optional mods that you can install: Louder Speaker mod, Stock Boot Animation and disable HTC Color Enhancement.


Click here to download latest version of InsertCoin HTC M8 ROM port for HTC M7.

How to Install

Step 1 – After you’ve downloaded the ROM, copy and paste it into your phone’s memory.

Step 2 – Turn off your phone and put it in Recovery Mode.

Step 3 – Go to Install Zip file, find the ROM, select it and press install.

Step 4 – After the ROM has been successfully installed, wipe Data and Cache, again inside Recovery Mode.

Step 5 – After you’ve wiped Data and Cache, reboot your phone. Wait a few minutes until it boots up and that’s it.

Go through the activation steps and within a few minutes you’ll be inside Sense 6.0 home screen.


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